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London’s foremost interactive platform for publishing art-related news, reviews and articles, Artlyst’s site draws thousands of new visitors every month. I’d been fortunate enough to have already worked with founder Paul Robinson, developing the company’s brand identity, and I’ve since gone on to create more marketing collateral for this exciting company.

The brief was to design a website, as part of a wider communications plan, that would be easy to navigate but sophisticated enough to handle vast amounts of information and data, as well as reinforcing the brand values. It needed a key portal look and feel, bringing it into line with the competition in the art world and providing artists and designers with an interactive tool to create profiles, sell their products and promote their services. Advertising space will be the main money generator for Artlyst, so it was crucial that the design only incorporates this but also appeals to these stakeholders.

The design had to be simple so non-technical staff could make website updates, providing a lasting solution that’s flexible and cost-effective. The considerable amount of time spent researching and developing the appropriate content management system and the impact it would have on the site’s design played a huge part in making this successful. The result has served the company excellently since it formed in 2012, generating positive feedback and admiration from artists, designers and advertisers.

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Skills: Web & Mobile