Eveleigh & Read Photoshoot

Master-1024x768@150dpi-E&R-Final-Compilation-01 Master-1024x768@150dpi-E&R-Final-Compilation-04 Master-1024x768@150dpi-E&R-Final-Compilation-02 Master-1024x768@150dpi-E&R-Final-Compilation-05 Master-1024x768@150dpi-E&R-Final-Compilation-03Master-1024x630@150dpi-Final-Compilation-06Master-1024x768@150dpi-E&R-Final-Compilation-01

Eveleigh & Read is a luxury bespoke tailor providing London gentlemen with high-quality, individually made suits and shirts for office and casual wear. I was commissioned to direct a product-based photoshoot that would simply and conventionally showcase their exquisite, high-level tailoring across their whole range of attire. The images were used across a number of marketing campaigns, both online and offline, and are part of a wider communications plan.

Skills: Art Direction