Ciena is a global supplier of telecommunications networking equipment, software and services


Screenshot of campaign microsite


Screenshot of campaign microsite


Screenshot of campaign microsite


Campaign printed collateral and email EDM


Campaign email EDM variants


Campaign printed collateral and email EDM


Campaign animated MPUs

When I was lead designer with Origin Design, I designed a number of campaigns for Ciena Corporation, a US-based supplier worldwide of equipment and software for the telecommunications networking industry, as well as support services, whether the communications are based on voice, data or video. Its customers include cable operators, telecommunications service providers, enterprises and governments.

The campaigns, aimed at professionals and buyers in the IT industry, were designed with the latest HTML techniques, to make sure they were compatible with up-to-date browsers and mobile devices. I also made sure to design the campaigns so they weren’t blocked by firewalls, making sure our tech-savvy audience would be able to access them.

These campaigns have produced wide-ranging outcomes, and have resulted in a considerable amount of collateral material. This ranges from overview brochures and data sheets to email EDMs and MPUs for the sector’s key stakeholders.

Click here for the Ciena website.

Skills: Case Studies, Print, Web & Mobile