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5 Rules for a Successful Infographic

Working at Origin Design for the last 2 years has allowed me create an array of infographics. During that time, infographics have exploded in popularity primarily because of the sharing of information on public social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and, more recently, Pinterest. In fact, search engine inquiries for the term “infographics” have increased in recent years by a wide margin due to their success in delivering information quickly and enticing to audiences. Here are 5 rules to abide by in order to create an effective infographic:

1. Keep It Simple
Even though you want to shoot for interesting and unique, don’t throw in so much detail and extraneous information that the audience is overwhelmed by everything going on in your infographic.

2. Be Unique
You need to design something unique that will capture the attention of the audience you are seeking to draw in. Using something unexpected in an ordinary bar graph, for instance, will draw interest and get your point across

3. Be Creative and Bold
For a truly impactful design that gets your message across, it’s important to make sure that your main message is bold and obvious.

4. Less Is More
Keeping your text minimal will most likely produce more impact than a page full of words.

5. The Fortune is in the Forwarding
Be sure to include links reminding people that they want their friends to enjoy the information they have just found.