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London Studio Transformation

Converted London Studio

If you’ve ever looked for a place to live in London, you’ll know all about tiny overpriced spaces and studio apartments. But what’s a fellow creative with a minimal budget to do?!

Well, Pereen d’Avoine from Russian For Fish took her small living arrangement and turned it into something spectacular. Pereen and her partner Mat set out to create a one bedroom home out of their small London studio with a budget of £30,000. Their studio lacked privacy and was housed in a converted bakery, so the two took to redesigning the entire space and eventually they were left with the apartment of their dreams.

Their renovations included a guest bathroom, an open living space, a separate bedroom and en suite bathroom and even a private work area. Painting the walls white helped give the apartment a light and roomy feel, as well as the addition of a big kitchen window. The floor features a bold checkered print in order to give the illusion of space.

This is just another excellent example of how design can impact our lives and even change an entire space into something completely different.