Digital / UI Designer & Art Director creating beautiful, functional and well-crafted designs for online and print communications.




Catch Up With Me In The Social Media Revolution!

People often say I have a lot to say, so it was just a matter of time before I joined the social media revolution. The great thing about living and working in London is that I’m in the epicenter of creativity, surrounded by thousands of fellow creatives and a whole world of their beautiful creations and inspirations.

I love to share my thoughts, dreams and everything that gets my imagination flowing, so connect with me on Twitter and Pinterest for a glimpse into my creative world. Find out what inspires me, excites me and what furthers my love for the world of visual communication. But it’s not all about me! My favourite part of social media is hearing what you have to say. What inspires you and what catches your interest. So click that follow button and let’s start a conversation!

Twitter: @MarioAntoniou1